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3D SYSTEMS, 3D Printing technology

3D Printing technologies are driving a revolution across many industries and a wide variety of applications, including markets that even a few years ago would not have been considered appropriate for 3D printing.

These technologies enable designers, architects, engineers, inventors, researchers, doctors, jewellers, teachers, students and more to easily exploit digital to physical technologies to significantly improve design and production times, increase accuracy, and reduce costs across the board.

3D Printing is more than just prototyping. Today, 3D Printing offers transformative advantages at every phase of creation, from initial concept design to production of final products and all steps in between. Today's competitive environment makes choosing the right 3D printers more important than ever.

With 3D Systems printing technologies, customers are performing:

While these are just a few of the many applications and uses of 3D printing the possibilities are almost endless.