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PaperCut Print Management Software & Solutions

What Is Papercut?


Today's multi-function devices (MFDs) and copiers are smarter. They have touch screens and the ability to run embedded software directly on the device itself. This new technology has allowed businesses to bring this popular print management software into MFD environments to track off-the-glass usage - copy, fax and scan.

PaperCut remains vendor agnostic, continuing to support all operating systems and as many MFP/copier vendors as possible.

Flexible Print Management

PaperCut Print Management software helps you save money and reduce printer waste in your business, school, college or professional services organizations.

Designed for your platforms

Fully cross-platform software, supporting all major operating systems including mixed environments.

Embedded Solutions

Track and control off-the-glass copy, fax and scan with embedded/on-board MFD software.

Printer/Copier Tracking Hardware

Support devices of all types using hardware printer/copier control terminals.

Secure Print Release

Implement secure print release and find-me (follow me) printing.

Learn how PaperCut can help you:
Save Paper
Save paper (and money!) by promoting responsible use.
Quota Printing
Assign reasonable limits on user printing.
The right information at hand.
Control Copiers
Account for walk-up / off-the-glass photocopying.
Track Printing
Detailed logs to give you the who, what, when and where.
Manage Printing
Load balancing, alerts, toner levels and more.
Manage Mobile Printing
Manage printing from mobile, bring-your-own-devices.
Multi-site, multi-server deployments
Scalable solutions for multi-site, multi-server deployments.
Find out why PaperCut is:
Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and mixed environments.
Translated into 19 languages, supports your currency and number conventions.
Up-to-date in both looks and architecture.
Reasonable licensing that doesn't dictate your IT infrastructure.
Intuitive interfaces make PaperCut easy to administer and easy to use.
Enough options to suit and integrate into almost any environment.
See PaperCut's features:
Browser Based Administration
Administer the system straight from your web browser anywhere on the network.
Mobile Print Release
Print to a hold/release queue and release a job with your smartphone when you're at the printer.
Manage iPad Printing
Print and control printing from iPad and other iOS devices.
Email To Print
An easy-to-use, driverless solution to BYOD printing.
Print Archiving
Review printed jobs via your web browser with Print Archiving.
Advanced Scripting
Define your own features with advanced printer scripts.
Find Me Printing
Documents follow users to their printer of choice.
Professional Client Billing
Bill back printing costs to clients.
Client Tool
Show users their balance, send notifications, confirm printing or charge shared accounts.
Shared Accounts
Charge printing to accounts that can be shared by multiple users.
Apply text to the bottom of each page.
Clustering and Load Balancing
Increase efficiency and distribute wear and tear.
SME Corporate Sector

PaperCut's print management delivers real bottom-line savings for organisations of all sizes. Our software is scalable and customisable to your specific business needs.

Implementation ranges from silently tracking employee usage by individual, office or department, to explicit reporting of usage costs, budgeting, and environmental impacts. Rest easy knowing your organisation's printing is being monitored and under control.

Environmental Impact
Real-time statistics on CO2 equivalent, energy and trees consumed by the printing process.
Google Cloud Print
Manage printing from Android, iOS, Chromebooks and other mobile devices using Google Cloud Print.
Web Print
A driver-less printing solution for laptops and wireless devices.
Guest Printing
Easy management for Guest and Visitor printing.
Reporting in Detail
Hundreds of report combinations to view, export as file or deliver via email.
Global Print Deiver
Cross-vendor printing with PaperCut's Global Print Driver.
Print Release Stations
Ensure that users are present when their document prints.
Recharging Balance
User payments for additional usage including top-up cards, payment gateways and more.
User Web Interface
Additional information, logs and tools for users.
Web Cashier
A simple web interface that allows ad hoc items to be charged against users/accounts.
Private Cloud
Reduce infrastructure expenditure with Private Cloud.
Education Sector

Excess printing incurs huge costs on educational/academic institutions in both hidden and explicit ways. Are you looking for ways to cut back? Over 20,000 K-12 schools, colleges and universities worldwide use PaperCut NG to control costs.

The education IT environment is unique. User turnover is high and networks are dynamic. From its first release ten years ago, PaperCut has always been designed by education network administrators specifically for the education environment.